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Beta Project
Developer Greg Smith
Theme Modern
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Browser
Game Length
Official site of 91

A non-traditional Roguelike in a modern setting. It has systems for dialog, shops, side-quests, and other things more common in console RPGs than Roguelikes.

Visit the web page for the development blog and playable preview demo.


In progress.



91 is developed by one person, Greg Smith, a professional programmer, web developer, and designer. He works on independent games in his free time. He can be contacted here.

How to Play

When you start the game, a "Help" tab is available in the upper-right which explains the keyboard layout and has a legend for objects seen in the game. The game is designed to be easy to learn, with increasingly complicated strategy as the game goes on.


91 is set in the modern day in a city named Flauston. A surreal major world event occurred previous to the game's events, during which unexplainable towers of rock rose out of the ground, damaging or destroying major cities. Many cities such as Flauston were thrown into chaos, making the streets dangerous and allowing a reign of anarchy. What is the cause or purpose behind these towers?

The game begins with the protagonist finding himself or herself robbed and looking for answers. Over the course of the game the protagonist finds that they've become involved events that will determine the future of the city.