Adventure Labyrinth Story

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Adventure Labyrinth Story
Stable game
Developer Rideon Games
Theme Fantasy
Influences Shiren the Wanderer
Released Sep 01, 2016 (1.0)
Updated Sep 01, 2016 (1.0)
Licensing Closed Source, Commercial
P. Language Unknown
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Interface Graphical tiles, Gamepad, Stylus
Game Length Unknown
Official site of Adventure Labyrinth Story


Adventure Labyrinth Story is a Shiren clone, with a similar user interface but different enemies and objects. (Though some of them are functionally similar.)

From the website: (

"Adventure Labyrinth Story is a rogue-like RPG that challenges the unknown dungeon.

Adventure Labyrinth Story is a rogue-like RPG that challenges the unknown dungeon. To bring back the legendary treasure, you need to enter the depth of the dungeon, find weapon and shield, use magic rod and potion to fight against monster and raise your level.

Every time the dungeon you enter is different in structure. The obtainable items and encounterable monsters also change. You can challenge it again and again even it is cleared.

If you are defeated, the obtained items will be all lost. The level will reset to 1.

The ingredients you collect from the dungeon can be cooked in the bar to make food, which can grant positive effect and EXP for the next adventure.

Fully use the items to deal with the monsters, find rare treasure to reveal the mystery of the labyrinth!"

Unique/rare features

  • Adventure Labyrinth Story is designed to run on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • There is no class, race, or skill choice at the start.
  • Noun/Verb based approach to action commands. Zapping wands is done by selecting the wand and then choosing zap, rather than choosing zap and then selecting the wand.
  • It has sprites, music, sound effects, and a story with (short, unobtrusive) dialogue scenes.
  • You are in a small town that you can explore at will in between every dungeon run.
  • It has some persistent features, like most Mystery Dungeon games, but you can ignore them. Just sell all your items, and then deposit all of your money, and off you go on a new start.
  • It has an optional food-cooking minigame.

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