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Stable game
Developer Jeffrey R. Olson
Theme Post-Apocalyptic
Released 1995 (1)
Updated 1995 (1.1)
Licensing Shareware/MIT
P. Language BASIC, C, Assembly
Platforms DOS
Interface Extended ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 5 hours
Official site of Alphaman

Alphaman is a classic post-apocalyptic roguelike.

The player takes on the role of a genetically impure human undertaking a very important mission. Further information is to be found on a tape recording. This recording will self-destruct after transmitting the message. Each time a game is started two mutations are randomly selected and assigned to the player character. One physical mutation and one mental mutation, both chosen from a quite large set.

Physical mutations are typically combat oriented. Tentacles, quills, poison claws and tough exoskeleton all are available. Most mutations are limited by a cooldown system. After activating an effect you need to wait a bit until you can use it again. Mental changes include cryogenics, military genius, scientific genius, and hypnosis. Using different combinations of mutations each playthrough adds a unique element of enjoyment and enhances the game's replayability.

There are a lot of humorous elements in the game. For example toilet paper is very effective against dung beetles.

Alphaman feature wide array of cool technological devices, usually unidentified when found. Unlike most roguelikes identification is not accomplished by use or through a "foo of identify". The player has to use a 'f'igure out command which results in the character trying to reveal possible ways to use it. However, if you happen to fail badly the item will break! The machines range from tiny pencil sharpeners to large, heavy and cumbersome dialysis machines.

Berries take the place of potions in the world of Alphaman. Each berry subspecimen has a random name. The potency of a berry is measured by its ripeness which in turn is determined by its color. Riper berries have stronger effects while less ripe ones almost no effect. It is important to discover bad berries by eating them when unripe but use beneficial ones when they are ripest. This leads to many identification strategies.

Alphaman's overworld is randomly generated anew for each game. The overworld is free to roam and explore, although the locations of castles (places where quests crucial to game victory can be completed) are known. Randomly placed ruined buildings can also be found while traveling. They are often worth exploring for the many useful treasures which may be hidden within.

In Alphaman the player needs to eat and sleep. The use of caffeine may delay the sleep timer somewhat.

The total time to complete the game is limited just like in Larn and Fallout 1. If you fail to achieve victory before the archenemy manages to accomplish his plan it is the same as if you had died. There are three difficulty levels available if winning seems too difficult. These modes are available at the start of the game.

Alphaman also features the ability to save the game and continuing to play.

From readme.txt

AlphaMan (Copyright (c) 1995 Jeffrey R. Olson) is an adventure game set on Earth in the future, following a nuclear disaster. You will take the role of a mutated human who is struggling to save the planet from annihilation. You will be pitted against hideously mutated plants and animals, traps and snares of all sorts, and several varied adversaries whom you will have to defeat in order to complete your mission. At your disposal are a broad variety of technological relics and mutated substances which you will acquire along the way, as well as your own powers and guile.

Source Code

Jeff Olson has made the source code of Alphaman available under the permissive MIT License. It can be obtained at:

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