Ascension of the Drillworms

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Ascension of the Drillworms
Developer Sebastian Steinhauer
Theme hack & slash
Released 17 Mar 2012
Updated -
P. Language C
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Mouse and Keyboard
Game Length
[ Official site of Ascension of the Drillworms]

Ascension of the Drillworms is a coffeebreak roguelike


Too greedy to buy updates for your navigation system, you fly into an asteroid field with your space ship eventually crashing on a distant planet. Your warpcore broken, weapons and shields down you need to repair the systems in order to get back home. Luckily the computer detected some old mines on this planet with extactly the crystals you need to reignite the warp core. But the abandoned mines aren't that abandoned !! You have to fight your way all 10 dungeons down to collect a crystal on every floor. You can upgrade your space suit, use better weapons and running various software programs to make things easier. But you have to watch your oxygen, energy and the integrity of your space suit all time.


The game is mostly played with the mouse. Just click with the left mouse button on the floor and you walk towards the mouse cursor. You can hold the mouse button to walk more than one cell. If you point to an enemy the character will automatically begin to shoot on that enemy. But you can always shoot in an direction by pressing the right mouse button. The character will shoot in this direction. If you walk over an item on the floor, you'll automatically pick it up. You can always see your inventory by pressing "I" on the keyboard. Equipping item from the inventory is very easy. Just left click on them. To drop them back on floor, just right click on them. To get the cracter screen, press "C". There you can see what gadgets are currently attached to your space suit and which software programs are running. You see also you current weapon. To unequip an item just right click on it. On both inventory screen and character screen, you can identify the items by moving the mouse cursor over them. Every time you encounter a new enemy you can also take a look into the monster bible by pressing "M". You'll find an entry for every monster in the game.


drillworms2.png drillworms3.png



This 7DRL was made entirely in C using the Allegro 5 gaming library.


These bugs are already known to be in the 7DRL version:

  • game over screen is distorted
  • "Lifter" monster incorrectly spawns spiders instead of cyborgs / sentinel drones