Atlas Warriors

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Atlas Warriors
Developer Lachlan Kingsford
Theme Fantasy
Influences Brogue, ADOM
Status Alpha
Released Oct 24, 2014 (Alpha 1)
Updated Dec 8, 2014 (Alpha 9)
Licensing MIT
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows (Binaries and source), Linux (By source), Mac (By source)
Game Length Under an hour
Official site of Atlas Warriors

Atlas Warriors is a short minimalist roguelike.


  • A novel 'kill or be killed' mechanic. When you die, you have a small number of turns to get another kill to be restored to life.
  • Weapons that are unique to fight with, inspired by Brogue
    • Axes swing in a 90 degree arc
    • Dagger counterattack when you are attacked
    • Sword will parry some attacks, giving you a free attack
    • Blunt weapons will stun the opponent for a turn
    • Polearms will attacks through opponents to the opponents behind them
    • Unarmed opponents get a free attack after a successful attack
  • Short tight 40x20 maps
  • ASCII animation effects for fearsome dragon flame
  • A small number of monsters that are unique to fight against
    • Critters who will blindly attack you
    • Bandits who will assault you with weapons like your own, and call for help
    • Orcs who will assault you with ranged attacks and try to stay out of your melee range
    • Goliaths who will punch you with such force that you'll go flying back
    • Healers who will support your enemies
    • Zombies who will reduce your defence when you are surrounded by them
    • Drakes and a Dragon who will blow deadly fire at you
    • Assassins who will (but do not yet) disappear when adjacent to walls
    • The Evil Necromancer, who will heal and power himself on the souls of the Zombies nearby and
    • The Warlord, heavily supported by healers, with deadly attacks and extremely good defence