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Developer Mike Red
Theme Fantasy
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Released Dec 27th, 2010
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Licensing Open-Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Any supported by Python
Interface Keyboard, keys explained in README
Game Length Short
Official site of Avendesora
Avendesora is a coffeebreak roguelike


Avendesora is a coffeebreak roguelike created by Mike Red. It is a failed 7DRL, abandoned on its third day, then resumed months later. It's writted in Python, and uses libtcod for various things, like output, fov-calculation, etc. There is a source package available, which will run on any computer with Python, and a Windows binary compiled with py2exe.

It is set in the world of the Wheel of Time series of books, by Robert Jordan. The magic system is different from normal ones, and somewhat inspired from the books, though loosely, and very simplified.

The player gets a small intro in-game, which explains the back-story, then has to dive through several cave-like levels, followed by a few maze-type levels, to find an amulet at the end, nondescript, a clear McGuffin.

Magic and Melee

The magic system is different. The player can seize the Source, which fills their MP bar, and allows them to cast spells. Casting spells consumes no MP, however MP gradually goes down, seized or not. Eventually, the player automatically releases the source, however as the MP increases, so does the length of time needed to release it. Trying to seize it again while already done, is channeling, which increases the MP you have a lot, filling your MP bar, and increasing the cap as well. It also heals you, and is the only way of healing you have. Spells need a certain minimum amount of MP to cast, and will do more damage if you have more MP.

Melee system is basic, but a button press will assume the Void, a melee state, which increases your stats for a period. The more the player uses the Void to battle, the longer the player remains in the Void, as release is also automatic.

The systems are meant to show addictiveness.


Arrow keys - movement

 Z - seizing the source and channeling
 V - assuming the Void
 A - Fire Blast (weak magic spell, affects zone immediately around you, requires little power)
 S - Fire Nova (strong magic spell, affects medium zone around you, requires a lot of power)
 D - Earthquake (medium magic spell, affects large area around you, requires medium power)
 I - Inventory
   w - wield item
   d - drop item

See Also

The game is completely free, and open-source, available at the author's website.