Axes, Armour & Ale

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Axes, Armour & Ale
Alpha Project
Developer Chris Hawkins
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM
Released 2021 Mar 26
Updated 2022 Jan 09
Licensing MIT License
P. Language Free Pascal
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Axes, Armour & Ale

Axes, Armour & Ale is an ASCII roguelike, inspired by the classics like ADOM as well as table-top RPG's like Tunnels & Trolls. Axes is written in Free Pascal and runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.


It is currently alpha software, it is possible to explore a couple of floors in a cave, find a stolen map and return it to the surface. Some basic weapons and armour are available, damage can be healed by drinking ale which has the effect of impairing your ability to fight.


Linux screenshot


Title screen


Windows screenshot


Dungeon map