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A *band or band is properly either Angband or one of its many variants. The star symbol in the name *band is used as a "wildcard" operator on many operating systems, and means that any bit of text can precede the term "band". Hence, you find that many Angband variants apply this rule: Steamband, Zangband, Unangband, etc.. However, a larger classification could be made to include games of similar feel.

Moria, as the primary influence on Angband, can be considered a *band. Technically, this category should be Moria-likes, since Angband is very similar to Moria; but the prevalence of the term "*band" to refer to games of this genre leads to the *band term.

Some guidelines:

  • Set Your Own Pace: There isn't a hunger clock forcing you forward (or there is a shop to restock at).
  • No Level Memory: Levels are not preserved when you go up and down, so you can keep getting new monsters at any given difficulty level.
  • Lots of Items: There are a lot of items, ranging from broken sticks to super amazing swords. Equipment upgrade paths are long, rather than being very short.
  • Steep Power Curve: The PC is god-like powerful by the end of the game.