Beltham's Lair

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Beltham's Lair
Beta Project
Developer RedPill Games
Theme Fantasy
Influences Adom
Released Apr 25, 2013
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P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface 3D
Game Length 2 levels
Official site of Beltham's Lair

Beltham's Lair is a 3D roguelike with third person view, in which you have to descend into the deep of the dungeon, find the Demon Beltham, and slay him. Apart from the 3D view, this is a very classic hack-n-slash roguelike.


The game is built with a custom engine and rendered by the Irrlicht rendering engine. It is a classless system, with progression relying on skill use. Dungeon levels are themed: this means that every level of the dungeon has a theme, with a consistent set of monsters, items and furnitures.


There's no a story yet, but I have in mind to make one that will explains why you, the Hero, have to deal with the vicious demon.

Trailer Video

There is a very poor quality video on IndieDB: 0.1 video

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