Beyond the Light

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Beyond the Light
Developer Joe M
Theme Horror
Released 18 Mar 2012
Updated 25 Mar 2012 (0.2)
P. Language
Platforms Windows
Game Length 5 minutes
Official site of Beyond the Light

In this small 7DRL written for 7DRL Challenge 2012 you have one randomly generated level to explore. It is all dark and you do not know what exactly lurks there. Player starts with a single match in inventory which will provide light for a limited time. Your aim is to find the key to the front door to escape. On the level are scattered matches and some other helpful items. Most notable is the lantern. It provides permanent light.


  • Small foes which include spiders, snakes and rats. They can be easily killed.
  • Tough invulnerable characters:
    • Haunt scares you draining your sanity. It is very slow.
    • Madman (formerly named Billy) has a knife. Fortunately he is somewhat slow.
    • Grue is murderous but fears light.
    • Zombie and Killer have been added in 0.2

One should kill weak enemies while fleeing from powerful foes.

Another aspect of Beyond the Light is sanity. If you have it too low you may be unable to identify creatures and items and have your messages scrambled. The latter is not at all dangerous because it only shuffles letters around in every word. The former can be quite a disadvantage. If you let your sanity drop to zero you will never regain your senses.