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Developer Magazine
Theme Sci-Fi, Post Apocalyptic
Influences Rogue
Status Stable
Released 2023
Updated 2023-05-08
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C#
Platforms Android
Interface Keyboard, Touchscreen, D-pad
Game Length Unknown
Official site of ByteZ

ByteZ (Roguelike/ASCII Game)

ByteZ is hardcore text-based roguelike/dungeon crawler.


ByteZ Preview.png


Bytez small.png


  • Difficulty: Easy, Default and Nightmare.
  • Races: Blazing Red, Terminal Green and Sky Blue.
  • Classes: Blacksmith, Computer Maniac, Priest, Paramedic, Herbalist, Houselady.
  • Items: Potions, food and weapons.
  • Entities: Peaceful, aggressive and diabolical.
  • Combat: Turn-based combat with RPG styled dice.
  • Lands: Ashed Lands, Cybernetic, Desert, Dungeon, Forest and Iced Lands.
  • Shadows (Bresenham's Algorithm) in Easy difficulty mode.
  • Fog of War in Default and Nightmare difficulty mode.

Important facts

  • Diabolical entities can only be defeated with Blue Energy.
  • Defeated entities can be connected into a zombie network, but this is punished by the permanent death mode of the character.
  • Entities connected in a zombie network can be miners of the ByteZ Dollars in-game currency.

Ready to get into procedurally generated world to crawl these lands filled with anomalies until you find the artifact and make notes about anomalies you meet. Good luck!


I hope that I also fulfilled your dream about text-based roguelike for Android phone!