Cave of Epokothar

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Cave of Epokothar
Stable game
Developer redwood646
Theme Fantasy
Released 2012 (1.0.1)
Updated February 11, 2012 (1.0.3)
Licensing Apache License, Version 2.0
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Chrome Browser, Safari, HP TouchPad, Android
Interface Graphical tiles, Web
Game Length {{{length}}}
Official site of Cave of Epokothar
Cave of Epokothar is a coffeebreak roguelike

Cave of Epokothar was designed to be played on mobile devices so the interface is based on mouse/touch. It can be played in any webkit-based browser, such as Chrome and Safari. If you have a Chrome browser, you can get a copy of the game in the Chrome Web Store. Alternatively you can play from GitHub.

Cave of Epokothar also works on tablets. It's in the Amazon app store and the HP Touchpad app catalog (sorry, it isn't in the apple app store because I don't think there'd be enough demand to pay for the submission fees). Both are priced at 0.99 US$ (or local equivalent).

Source is located at CoE is open-source (Apache License) and anyone may contribute to the codebase.


  • Persistent levels
  • Multiple (although limited) player races
  • Magical effects from potions

Missing Features

  • Magic (scrolls and spell casting capabilities)
  • Ability to generate a custom character (right now there's a choice of 4 presets)