Caves of Golorp

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Caves of Golorp
Defunct Game
Developer Matthew Skala
Theme Fantasy
Released Jan 4, 2004 (0.0.1) ({{{relver}}})
Updated never ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Prolog
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 10 minutes at most
Official site of Caves of Golorp

What, a Roguelike game in Prolog?
This can't be for real!
It is.


Caves of Golorp is a proof functional roguelikes can actually be written in Prolog. As a game it performs poorly. Player can wander randomly generated dungeons, caves, towers and mazes. Field of view code is sluggish and may make Golorp unplayable on slower computers.

Attribute system employed by the game is reversed. Qualities of player character are susceptibility, weakness, misfortune, clumsiness, stupidity and ugliness. Documentation states it is okay to be stupid because Caves of Golorp "does not require much mental effort on part of the character". Hit points also work backwards. Everyone starts with none and dies upon accumulating one hundred of those.

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