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Beta Project
Developer Cab
Theme Fantasy
Influences roguelikes in general
Released 2014 Nov 22
Updated 2014 Dec 2 (Beta 3)
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Browser
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 30 minutes
Official site of Choose

Choose is a text-based arena battle game that runs in a browser. Opponents and items are procedurally generated, and the game provides a competitive aspect through live highscores. The game is playable using a keyboard and/or mouse, or by interacting with the text directly on a touchscreen device.


Choose started out not as an online game, but as a little experiment in procedurally generated arena battles. When I added scoring to the game, I immediately wanted to make a web version, and that's what this is all about.

In Choose, your objective is to defeat 26 procedurally generated opponents, and finally beat the master of the arena. To aid you in this, you will be improving your stats and equipment, but how you do so is your choice. Special events will occur to help or hinder your progress, and bosses will show up to make sure your life is never too easy.


  • Procedurally generated opponents.
  • Procedurally generated items including equipment, blessings and potions.
  • Randomly occuring events to help (or hinder) your progress.
  • Unique bosses that may or may not appear.
  • Even death is no barrier to the arena master. You may face one of your former fellow players.
  • Highscore list.
  • User levelling system. Gain levels as you play by earning experience.

Version History

Beta 3

  • Implemented the levelling system.

Beta 2

  • Strength and dexterity are more powerful.
  • Opponents have mana and can use spells.
  • Specialized opponents sometims spawn, with one of their stats being extremely high.
  • Splash potions are a bit less powerful in the later game. The reason is that they should be an emergency tool rather than a necessity.
  • Balance adjustments to compensate for the above changes. Still needs testing.

Upcoming Features

Beta 4

  • ...


  • Levelling system. Every game you play will earn you experience, and your user will gain levels. This is another way to compare your performance with other players.
  • Statistics.
  • More events and bosses, grouped to make a more sensible story.
  • Meaningful opponent traits. Right now, facing a "gassy" hamburger does not make it different from say a "jumping" hamburger.
  • All ideas are welcome! Potential features include spectator mode, status effects, user-created content, one-vs-one challenges, and gods.



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