Coop Catacombs

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Coop Catacombs
Developer AikonCWD
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Status Stable
Released 8 March 2024
Updated 17 May 2024, v1.4
Licensing Free to play
P. Language GDScript
Platforms Windows/Linux/Mac
Interface Keyboard
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of Coop Catacombs

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Coopcat msg.gif
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Coop Catacombs is a traditional roguelike game focused on cooperative gameplay through its asynchronous multiplayer mode. It started as a project for the 7DRL in 2024, later transformed into a more complete roguelike weeks after.

The lands of this realm are cursed and engulfed in a seemingly endless time loop. Here lies the entrance to a very peculiar and dangerous dungeon, which houses an artifact known as the Crystal Orb. The player's goal is to venture into the dungeon and retrieve the artifact, at which point the dungeon will be destroyed and a new one will be generated in its place, being deeper and more dangerous than its predecessor.

How does the cooperative/multiplayer mode work?

To accomplish this mission, the player is not alone. All players of Coop Catacombs play and face the same dungeon separately; same layout of rooms, traps, treasures, and monsters! Thanks to being able to share the same interconnected dungeon, players can leave messages of help and items, so that the next adventurer can advance and achieve the goal of recovering the Crystal Orb.

But be careful! Some adventurers prefer to deceive with false messages, and others decide to leave their soul in the form of a ghost, seeking revenge and future victims.

When a player achieves the goal, the dungeon will disappear forever, and a new, deeper, and more difficult one will take its place. Additionally, their name will be engraved for posterity on the Champion’s Stone, praising their feat.

Next to the entrance of the dungeon is the cemetery, where each adventurer will have a tombstone with their name, which will change according to their feats. You will also find two friendly NPCs who will offer information, statistics, and assistance to players.

For those who do not want to use the multiplayer and cooperative functions, there is an entrance to a random offline dungeon located in the northern area of the map.

Tutorial and First Steps

Read the help section by pressing [?] at any time during the game. Seriously, read the help to learn about the basic commands and actions.

All items provide a detailed description when examined from the inventory menu [i]. Some weapons and shields have unique characteristics, for example, the dagger will cause critical hits when attacking diagonally. Information is power!

All actions on an item can be performed from the inventory menu [i], or directly by pressing the initial of the action you wish to perform: [a] apply, [e] equip, [d] drop, etc.

Each monster is unique, and knowing their abilities is essential for survival. You can examine [x] your surroundings and the monsters you encounter.

Other players will offer help in the form of messages written on the floor and walls of the dungeon. Those players who die in it can leave part of their inventory for the next adventurer to find and use in their favor. You can (and should) also cooperate with your messages and items.


  • Procedurally generated dungeons
  • Permadeath
  • Turn-based
  • Graphical grid tiles
  • Top-down perspective
  • Resource management
  • Item identification
  • Hack & Slash
  • Dungeon-themed
  • Character-centric
  • No meta-progression
  • Equipment: 12 weapons, 20 armors, 7 shields, and 6 rings
  • Magic: 9 scrolls, 11 staffs, 13 potions, and 11 pendants
  • 31 different monsters
  • 10 different traps
  • Player avatar that shows equipped items
  • Dynamic graveyard that grows with every player death
  • Online messages in the style of Dark Souls
  • Death marks of the players (bones)
  • Fluid simulation: Fire and Gas
  • Fighting effects
  • Music and sound FX

Online Community

Although Coop Catacombs can be enjoyed solo through the offline dungeon located to the north, the game is designed and intended to be played in cooperative mode. You will enjoy witnessing the passage and actions of other players, using their items, and reading their messages of help.

We have a Discord channel where you can talk with the adventurers you've met in the game, as well as participate in development with your feedback, ideas, or by reporting bugs.