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Developer flend
Theme fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released 15 March, 2009
Updated 16 March, 2009
Licensing Free to download
P. Language C#, (with libtcod)
Platforms Windows / Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length 60 minutes
Official site of DDRogue
DDRogue is a coffeebreak roguelike

This game was flend's entry for the 7DRL Contest 2009. It won Best of Show 2009 in the Cymon's Games contest.


DDRogue is a dungeon crawl focused on recovering objects and learning and using special moves. Special moves are seamlessly integrated into normal movement, being particular sequences of moves which carry out an attack or special effect.


  • 9 special moves to learn
  • Plot with 6 possible endings
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 14 creatures to fight