Darkfire RPG

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Darkfire RPG
Stable game
Developer User:Fiorel
Theme Fantasy
Influences Crossfire, Daimonin, Final Fantasy 1/2, Diablo
Released Nov 01, 2012 (version 1.0.0)
Updated Sep 07, 2017 (version 1.1.1)
Licensing see website
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Interface Graphical Tiles, both mouse and keyboard input
Game Length One play-through takes a couple days
Official site of Darkfire RPG

Darkfire RPG is a free multiplayer online roleplaying game. It has many characteristics of a rogue-like game, yet not all of them. There is a tile-based graphical interface. To play the game, the windows client needs to be installed. Please visit the official website if you want to play.

Typically rogue-like game features

  • Rich gameplay with lots of stuff to explore.
  • Great freedom in character development: Decide what skills to learn and upgrade. Adjust your stats to match your favorite play style.
  • Tile-based map design. There are graphical tiles, but the engine is very much rogue-like.
  • Randomly generated monsters and loot.
  • The overall difficulty level is challenging.
  • Six character classes to choose from.

Game features that differ from rogue-likes

  • Graphical interface. The controls are easy to understand.
  • Multiplayer - so you can play with friends. In spite of this, the game feels very much like single player. Cooperative play is entirely optional.
  • Death imposes a penalty, but it is not permanent.
  • All maps are handmade, in order to have a game world full of lore and quests.