Daybreak RL

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Daybreak RL
Developer 256 (Frank Duff)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Nethack, Ico
Released May 31, 2012 (1.0)
Updated May 31 , 2012 (1.0)
Licensing Creative Commons
P. Language Inform 7
Platforms Glulx (multi-platform virtual machine)
Interface Console
Game Length appr. 30 minutes
Official site of Daybreak RL

Daybreak RL is an Interactive Fiction Roguelike programmed in Inform 7. It is a cleaned up and modified version of the 7drl ''IfRL''. The presentation of DaybreakRL is that of a classic piece of Interactive Fiction. Its gameplay, however, will be more familiar to fans of roguelikes. DaybreakRL is a turn-based dungeon crawl with a randomly generated environment, item identification puzzles, complex item interactions, and permanent character death.


You are the bodyguard to Prince Illum. Prince Illum is blind and carries the Daybreak Shard. He needs to get it to the top of the tower. You are currently at the bottom of the tower. And you had best hurry, because a whole bunch of people who don't much care for either you or the prince are nipping at your heels.


DaybreakRL is a cleaned up version of IfRL, an out of challenge 7-day roguelike from 2010. Total development time is about evenly split between the original 7-day window and subsequent improvement.


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