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Defunct Game
Developer Oliver Mecking
Theme Fantasy
Influences Diablo
Released 2000 Jan 18 ({{{relver}}})
Updated 2008 May 28 (2.22a) ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Turbo Pascal
Platforms DOS, Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, keyboard
Game Length short
[ Official site of Deep]

Deep is a graphical roguelike game written by the German developer Oliver Mecking. This roguelike is easy to access, due to only a small amount of hotkeys, graphics which speak for themselves and an easy, forgiving gameplay. You can also save whenever you want (for a little gold fee) or restart the dungeon with the same character and all his equipment. There is only a single dungeon, but its theme changes every 10 levels and there are lots of special rooms, boss enemies, unique items, secrets and npcs, all of which appear randomly (more or less).


  • 190+ items
  • 75+ monsters and NPCs
  • 33+ levels
  • 14 spells
  • 3 character classes