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Stable game
Developer The Deliantra Development Team, Marc Lehmann, Robin Redeker
Theme Fantasy
Influences Nethack, Moria
Released May 30, 2006 (?)
Updated June 1, 2017 (Server 3.0, Client 2.11)
Licensing GPL+AGPL
P. Language C++, Perl
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Interface Tiles, OpenGL, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Open ended
Official site of Deliantra

Deliantra is a Free Software game forked from Crossfire that has a likeness of roguelikes, but might not be considered one. This is because Deliantra is graphical, non-permadeath, MULTIPLAYER, and is in realtime. However, many dungeons are still procedurally generated, and plenty others are non-generated, if you would rather prefer some kind of plot, but there is no one goal that ties everything together.

The play field itself is enormous with plenty to do from hardcore exploring to crafting and potion making to developing guilds. Much of Deliantra's content comes from player/mapmakers who make use of the open-source Deliantra editor.

Other similarities to conventional rogue-likes is that the character is not limited; it is free to expand and develop however you want, and roam wherever you want. You still only control one character, but are allowed to create and play as many characters as you wish.

Deliantra is completely stable and has a semi-active moderator staff to answer any questions and help new players get started.


(these are taken from the home page, go there for more information)


Fight powerful monsters!


Find valuable treasure!


Go exploring!


A group of players at Navar City, in dclient, the Deliantra text-mode Unicode client!