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Desktop Dungeons (sometimes known as "DD") is a coffee break-style roguelike developed by QCF Design. It's gameplay is considered fast and easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Random level generation, randomized enemy and item layout, turn-based gameplay, permadeath and other defining elements in roguelikes are found in Desktop Dungeons, but in a very condensed game. Dungeons are made to fill a single screen and don't contain separate levels, along with having very few items to acquire and enemies to fight, a typical game of Desktop Dungeons can last only 15-20 minutes or even less.

It has no story to speak of, but is based off of stereotypical fantasy elements, so classes and races available from the start include humans, elves, dwarves, warriors, mages and thieves. As the player beats dungeons (by defeating the randomly placed boss) more powerful variants of the class that the dungeon was beaten with are unlocked. To keep the game challenging, however, different types of enemies start to appear with every dungeon beaten, adding variety and difficulty the more the player plays.

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