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  • It would be a good roguelike to make more complete, but I hope that it doesn't lead you to neglect your other projects.
  • There is a bug with monsters becoming invisible/walk-throughable, but still able to hit you (I died repeatedly while holding down my movement keys the next times I played, so I havn't seen this occur again)
  • The levels are rather large, so I end up holding down my keys for the auto-repeat to kick in. This usually ends up killing me if I run into a bunch of monsters. A "move until interesting thing is found" would be good.
  • If I have a hat equipped and one in my inventory, I'd like it if the game swapped them when I selected the one in the inventory, instead of having me remove the one on my head first.


  • I would like to make a go at compiling this for Linux. Are you willing to let me try? JoshuaRodman 15:04, 12 Oct 2005 (CEST)