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Beta Project
Developer tkatchev
Theme Eclectic
Influences NetHack
Released August 12nd, 2011
Updated February 25th, 2012
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python, libtcod
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length many infuriating hours
Official site of Diggr
Diggr is a coffeebreak roguelike

Mission statement:

An experiment at creating a new and fresh roguelike, called Diggr. What makes Diggr different:

  • Diggr attempts to make impossible all forms of scumming. (A first in the roguelike world, I believe. :))
  • Diggr is not at all based on AD&D in any way. All game mechanics are invented from scratch, keeping strictly in mind this list of requirements!
  • Diggr should play fast. Hours and hours of boring bouts of hacking and slashing are not welcome here!
  • Diggr attempts to continue the in the strategic gameplay style of Nethack. (Nethack is the best video game ever.) Like Nethack, Diggr should be a complex, evil game with a steep learning curve. Roguelikes that play themselves on autopilot are not fun!
  • Diggr should have a sense of humor. Diggr should also avoid common fantasy tropes and cliches.
  • Diggr avoids 'flavor' for flavor's sake. All items and monsters should have a different and unique impact on gameplay, and not be just renamed clones of effectively the same monster and item.
  • (This one is controversial) Spoilers are fun. A game that needs 'spoilers' is a game that has depth. Diggr should be a game where the mechanics and strategies are not obvious and low-hanging fruit.

Further info:

Discussion forum and release announcements: [1]

See also the wiki and strategy guide.


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