Double Rogue

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Double Rogue
Developer Friedrich Hanisch (ratking)
Theme abstract 3d dungeons
Influences English Country Tune, Trine
Released 2013
Updated July 2013 (v1.1), Release for Android
Licensing freeware (Desktop), commercial (Android)
P. Language Unity3D, C#
Platforms Web
Interface 3D, Keyboard, Mouse optional, touch controls for Android
Game Length Short
Official site of Double Rogue


A vicious spell melt the souls of two beings (Hexalandrias the Wizard and Mo the Barbarian) into one. Now they have to find the Amulet of Yendor to become separate entities again. All this is happening in a strange world of cubes.



  • full 3D world
  • turnbased combat, randomness, permadeath
  • six levels with three different "dungeon" types (desert, forest/?meadow, stone)
  • 14 enemy types with different behaviors and movement
  • 5 types of items: bombs, money, powerup, teleport and healthpotion
  • a shop after each level
  • particle effects

Standalone versions

The most up-to-date version is on Kongregate, but there are also standalone versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Android version

The game was specifically polished and ported to Android in July 2013. Touch controls were implemented and the balancing improved. This version also has music by Elias "TheWing" Linjama.