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Dragon's Lunch
Stable game
Developer Jonathan McCarthy (jonathanmcc)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Brogue (loosely)
Released Sep 12, 2017 (1.0.0)
Updated Aug 08, 2020 (2.0.0)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Runs in realtime, ascension possible in an hour or two.
Official site of Dragon's Lunch

A fantasy themed commercial RogueLike, but in realtime, where you need to descend 12 levels to get your golf ball back from a dragon who has swallowed it.


You need to descend to level 12 where the Dragon is waiting. On the way you will need to defeat an impressive array of enemies using whatever you can find.

Drinking health potions with permanently increase your health points making you harder to kill. Strength potions will increase your strength allowing you to wield heavier weapons and armour or increase the swing time of the light weapons.

Rings can be worn which give an assortment of benefits - speed, see through walls, light, speed up healing, increase protection.

You will find wands to zap at enemies such as fireball, poison, sleep etc

Weapons, armour, rings and wands can be made more powerful by enchanting them using a scroll of enchantment.

Other scrolls you will find can identify items, map the level, summon monsters, scare enemies etc

Arrayed against you are a wide variety of foes: simple rats, vampire bats, spell casting goblin wizards, ogres, trolls who will break down doors to get you, undead ghosts and skeletons, giant spiders and on level 12 the Dragon awaits.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G1Ev3Msq34



  • Real time animations based on the classic Gervais tileset.
  • In game control via keyboard. Game menus support the mouse.
  • Character development through health and strength potions.
  • Dynamic lighting - you can only see whats in your line of sight.
  • Full sound effects for NPCs and environment.


  • Inventory management.
  • Automapping viewable in Minimap.
  • Item identification via scrolls and notes.
  • Multiple damage types fire, cold, poison, paralysis etc.
  • Realtime combat system - swing speed depends on strength and weapon.
  • Multiple AI behaviors.
  • Item types: wands, scrolls, potions, rings, keys, armour, weapons, notes, gold.
  • Permadeath.
  • three game modes including Iron(wo)man.
  • Randomly generated maps.
  • Single player.
  • In game editor which can be used to generate custom maps.
  • Two custom maps included - a short tutorial and "Underpar".
  • Full Steam integration - high scores and achievements.
  • Focus is on beating the game using brainpower rather than reflexes.


Game was developed in 2016-2017. Its original concept came from an investigation into whether it would be feasible to develop a RogueLike that ran in real time.

More Info

  • Website
  • Steam
  • There is a free demo of an early version (1.3) on here for Windows, Linux and MacOs.


Level seven of the Overpar module.


Jellies guarding a causeway: