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Stable game
Developer Walter D. Pullen
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack
Released 19 Apr, 2003 (v1.3)
Updated 30 Nov, 2018 (v3.3)
Licensing GPLv2
P. Language C++, Daedalus
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard
Game Length 1 to 2 hours
Official site of Dragonslayer

Dragonslayer is a first person perspective roguelike by Walter D. Pullen, inspired by NetHack. It is one of the game scripts that comes with the maze generation program Daedalus.


Dragonslayer is single player and turn based like NetHack, however its display is 3D and first person perspective. Your goal is simple: Find the evil dragon boss monster in the dungeon, and beat him into submission before he kills you first. Many of NetHack's keyboard commands do the same thing, so the NetHack player should be comfortable with it from the beginning. The arrow keys move forward and back, and rotate in place. Like checking your inventory, rotating in place is a free action and doesn't cause the monsters to move. Press Shift+left or right arrow to sidestep or strafe left and right. Press Shift+up arrow to run or automatically move down the current passage until you reach the next junction, object, or monster.

Dragonslayer is much simpler than NetHack, and closer to Rogue itself, where like Rogue there are 26 monsters (one for each letter) and you don't have the ability to return to previous dungeon levels. Monsters may be dangerous due to their damage output, movement speed, difficulty of hitting, total hit points, or all the above.