Dungeon Monkey Unlimited

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Dungeon Monkey Unlimited
Stable game
Developer Joseph Hewitt
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dungeon Monkey
Released 2010 (1.000)
Updated Not yet ()
Licensing LGPL
P. Language Free Pascal
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Mouse
Game Length A few hours
Official site of Dungeon Monkey Unlimited

Dungeon Monkey Unlimited is a combat oriented tactics style roguelike RPG, created by Joseph Hewitt. Like the original it is an experiment in rapid game development.


You can create a party of up to four adventurers and guide them through a randomly generated world. The game is controlled primarily using the mouse, although keyboard shortcuts are available for most actions.

This game was created over the summer of 2010 using bits and pieces from abandoned projects as a backbone. The interface and combat system were taken from Nova City, while the character creation and game rules came from Combat Quest. The random world generator and event scripting were both taken from GearHead2. Finally, the original Dungeon Monkey supplied the basis for the map generator. Graphics were done by David Gervais and the RLTiles project.

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