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Dungeon Run is a fantasy RPG with some rogue-like elements.


Find and rescue a kidnapped princess... You must enter a perilous dungeon, explore its dark depths and survive its many horrors. Bring justice to the offender! Find magical items, armor and weapons to aid you in your quest. Limited by a 3 item slot inventory, it will force you to choose your equipment carefully! Search for keys to unlock doors and discover gold and treasure. Your equipment will have low durability, so you have to continually scavenge for new, better loot. All the time monsters and environmental hazards will threaten your precious life!


Simple game-play with variety in strategy. Pace is slow, deliberate... "chess-like". Turn-based combat. Real-time exploration. Enough time to think about what moves and strategies you want to employ. Fog-of-war and line-of-sight prevents you from seeing what dangers lurk around the corner... until it's too late. Death is swift and permanent. Monsters will try to attack you in packs. If you are outnumbered, you could be surrounded or flanked... You'd be in big trouble! Move swiftly, quietly then take out your enemies 1 by 1... like a hit man (hit knight?).


The game concept was only explained to me 9 days ago. We have since created a good platform and intend to grow it over time. This game was also submitted to the 2014 Indie Game maker Contest (Humble Bundle\RPG Maker) where the rules state that you only have 4 weeks to build a game, link here:


So that is why it still seems a bit sparse. :)

Want to contribute? The game is moddable... you can create levels. Remember we only had a few days to create this, so level design was done within the permitted time. I am sure somebody in the community can do better than i did. Download the PC version and check out the README for a how-to...

There are so many things we want to add to this game...

more, better levels! Items, items and more items. More monsters. I think there's something like 18 currently... There are 10 levels in this dungeon with an ending. We want to implement randomly generated areas, outdoors and have many dungeons and quests to attend to. Ranged Combat! Perks, abilities and cool-downs. Traps, Classes, Factions!

So watch this space... or check it out here: http://www.hypnotic-games.com/games/dungeon-run