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2009-09-28 v.0.13.3
CHANGE Changed the targeting mode touch screen functionality slightly

2009-09-27 v.0.13.2
NEW Touch screen support has been added. Still somewhat experimental and needs to be tested on a real device
NEW Added a single use item, Bag of Monsters, used to summon an ally to fight by your side
NEW Added an option on the main menu to show the current list of highscores
FIX Solved issues with charmed monsters not attacking monsters adjacent to you
CHANGE Charmed monsters now give you some information about what they attack
CHANGE You can now swap places with charmed monsters

2009-09-24 v.0.13.1
FIX The probability of Dark Wizards were way too high (about 100x more likely than anything else...)
FIX Items and monsters out of sight are now drawn on top of the fog of war mask to make them easier to spot, especially in ASCII mode
NEW It is now possible when startign a new game to chose between playing a game with random or persistent levels

2009-09-22 v.0.12.1
NEW Added out of depth monsters to make things more exciting
NEW Added persistent maps (please report any problems you may experience with this!)
FIX Solved the problem with immobile and passive monsters
FIX Solved a problem with artifact naming
FIX Accidently allowed cloning of targets again (Oozes would clone you...)
FIX Dungeon theme wasn't saved when a map was saved. This could result in incorrect/no items being generated in a loaded game
CHANGE Reduced frequency of chest traps
CHANGE Rebalanced some items and monsters slightly
CHANGE Mushrooms can now also be found in the caves (previously only in the forest)

2009-09-13 v.0.11.2
FIX Solved a problem with incorrect target messaging when not in look mode and selecting a tile with a door or trap
FIX Solved a problem with incorrect item enchants being generated on items
FIX Saved settings weren't restored properly
FIX Touched up the character selection screen slightly
FIX Improved messaging when dying in melee combat
FIX Worg graphics were not included in the previous release
FIX Solved the problem with invisible monsters that block movement and stand still
FIX The stats at the bottom of the screen will now be presented in a more compact way on handsets with low resolution
NEW Added map description when entering the map
NEW Added the four most recent messages to the death/win screen
NEW Added a disarm ability to Orcs. Hold on to your weapons now!
NEW Added a knockback ability to Trolls
NEW Added poison antidotes
NEW Added more weapon enchants (extra damage, slowing, displacement, chaos)
NEW Added a debug screen to the main menu to improve bug hunting and bug reports
NEW Added random names for artifacts (highly enchanted items)
NEW Added some more room and corridor variations to the dungeons and sewers
CHANGE The target selection screen now remembers the most recently used item, and doesn't start the cycle from scrath
CHANGE Adjusted the speed of most monsters
CHANGE Adjusted the stats of a lot of items to improve game balance
CHANGE Monsters are now allowed to move diagonally in a single move
CHANGE Made some changed to monster movement when moving monsters randomly (if target direction is blocked)
CHANGE Rebalanced player classes: Ranger was a bit too easy and Wizards were a bit too hard
CHANGE The display of current xp and xp for next level is now shown for the current level instead of accumulated xp
CHANGE Equipped items are now always marked as "(equipped)" in the inventory instead of only when being selected

2009-09-07 v.0.11.1
NEW Started adding tutorial/welcome/help screens (help screens can be disabled from the main menu)
NEW Added a 'Restore Default Keys' option to the main menu to restore key bindings to the deault values
NEW Added some new monsters: Dark Wizard, Crazed Cultis, Sewer Troll, Sickly Rat, Worg
NEW Added descriptions to all monsters (can be viewed when inspecting a monster)
NEW Added descriptions of the player classes when creating a character
NEW Started work on themed levels (currently forest, cave, dungeon, sewer). More to come here!
CHANGE Improved the way poison works in the game
CHANGE Improved targeting interface
CHANGE Casters got a lot of xp for casting spells, regardless if the target was killed or not. Xp is only rewarded for kills now
CHANGE The Warriors speed has been increased
CHANGE Any class can now use scrolls again, not only Wizards as it was changed to in 0.10.4
CHANGE Removed scrolls with offensive effects (fire, drain etc)
CHANGE Chance to resist poison is no longer based on Magic but on unmodified Defense
FIX Solved a problem with item cycling while targeting when equiping both a book and a wand
FIX Solved a problem with item targeting for items that doesn't require a target (Wand of Mapping etc)
FIX You should no longer see multiple death messages when dying while fighting multiple/fast mobs
FIX Non-casters no longer use effects (poison, draining etc) in other ways than as a result of successful attacks
(ie a spider applying poison when biting, a vampire draining life when biting etc)
FIX Solved a problem with linebreaks when displaying text

2009-08-30 v.0.10.5
CHANGE Increased casting time of spells
CHANGE Animals no longer drop any loot when killed
CHANGE Vampire Bats are no longer of neutral alignment
CHANGE Improved some feedback messages when interacting with doors
CHANGE Renamed some arrow types
FIX Selecting a "non menu item" (version, memory etc) when having no active game no longer cause a crash
FIX Creatures no longer use effects (poison, draining etc) unless they are adjacent to the player or if they are casters
NEW It is now possible to disarm traps on chests
NEW It is possible to use double size graphics. Change graphics size from the menu on the fly

2009-08-25 v.0.10.4
CHANGE Removed MIDP1 supprt. Game is MIDP2 only. This means a single version for all handsets
CHANGE Merged graphics and ascii version into one. Change mode from the menu on the fly
CHANGE Removed Magic Points. Wizards can now cast unlimited number of spells
CHANGE Rangers now have unlimited number of normal arrows.
CHANGE A default set of keys are defined at start. Keys can be reconfigured as usual via the menu
CHANGE Changed a lot of stats on items and monsters
CHANGE Removed some monsters
NEW Added some monsters
NEW Added more items
NEW Current xp and xp to next level is now shown at the bottom of the screen

2007-02-05 v.0.9.10
FIX Inventory categories weren't correctly remembered when coming back
FIX Corrected yet another issues with cloning

2007-02-05 v.0.9.9
FIX Minor text wrapping issue solved

2007-02-05 v.0.9.8
FIX Corrected wrapping in bottom infobar
CHANGE Correct keys are shown in-game regardless of redefined keys

2007-02-02 v.0.9.7
FIX Alternate keys weren't saved correctly
NEW Key bindings screen will be shown on startup if no keys have been defined

2007-02-02 v.0.9.6
FIX Corrected major crash in the new textbox

2007-02-01 v.0.9.5
FIX Corrected problems with the scrollbar
FIX Corrected yet another cloning problem

2007-01-31 v.0.9.4
FIX Corrected problems with the new menues
NEW Added some extra info to the gain level menu

2007-01-29 v.0.9.3
NEW Added scrollbar to the menues

2007-01-26 v.0.9.2
NEW Added alternate keys for the game commands
CHANGE Added black outline on ASCII tiles
FIX Defined keys are noew correctly saved

2007-01-15 v.0.9.1
NEW Added option to redefine keys
NEW Added water as a dungeon tile

2007-01-03 v.0.9.0
NEW Improved dungeon generator
NEW Items and creatures out of LOS are shown at their last know position
CHANGE No more mushrooms in the top level forest
CHANGE Player starts at the entrance to the dungeon

2006-10-24 v.0.8.3
FIX Gameplay balancing
CHANGE UI improvements
CHANGE A missed attack on a neutral target now correctly sets the target as

2006-04-04 v.0.8.2
FIX You can no longer save the game if dead

2006-03-21 v.0.8.1
CHANGE Made the ASCII tiles non-transparent
CHANGE Decreased rarity of Potion of Recharging to make the Wizard's life

2006-03-04 v.0.8
CHANGE New underlying rendering engine
NEW Hiscore list
NEW Added support for target cycling when in targeting mode

2005-08-01 v.0.7.15
FIX Made charmed monsters a bit more intelligent when selecting target
FIX Removed problem with equipment cycling if out of ammo
FIX Pressing 0 on the gain level screen no longer removes the screen
FIX Items of draining could drain more HP than the target had
FIX Removed problem when targeting adjacent map square if it blocks LOS
FIX Player now gains a little bit of xp for disarming traps
FIX Sometimes xp was lost when failing to use spells
CHANGE Renamed Comestible to Food

2005-07-05 v.0.7.14
FIX Reduced power of Scroll of Enchant

2005-07-03 v.0.7.13
FIX Enchanting an equipped item now correctly affect the player's stats
FIX Charmed monsters will not attack themselves if no other monster is near
FIX Corrected problem with equipment cycling in targeting mode

2005-06-29 v.0.7.12
NEW Pressing 0 while in targeting mode cycles between useable and equipped
FIX Several "under the hood" improvements to improve code readability and speed

2005-06-27 v.0.7.11
NEW Added Wizards Robe, Wizards Hat, Scroll of Enchant
FIX Corrected a problem with item prefixes

2005-06-23 v.0.7.10
NEW Improved navigability back and forth between inventory screens
NEW Added scrolls of magic mapping
FIX Traps were always shown in the graphics version

2005-06-22 v.0.7.9
NEW Added All and Equipped to inventory listing
CHANGE Grouped some items in the inventory
FIX Max depth visited wasn't restored when loading a saved game
FIX Minor optimizations to AI code to improve performance

2005-06-14 v.0.7.8
NEW Made some creatures neutral towards the player (wild dogs, bats, rats)

2005-06-13 v.0.7.7
CHANGE Improved messages in combat and reduced the number of  prompts

2005-06-11 v.0.7.6
NEW Inventory is now divided into several categories
CHANGE Saved game is automatically loaded upon startup
CHANGE If no saved game exists, character creation screen is shown
CHANGE Stat increase always possible on level up

2005-05-28 v.0.7.5
NEW Monsters will not use ranged attacks if outside player's light radius
NEW Added option to open a door while in look mode.

2005-05-23 v.0.7.4
NEW Chests and trapped chests. Use 5 to interact.
CHANGE Improved environment graphics by Petr "JuPiTeR" Visek.

2005-03-22 v.0.7.3
FIX Once and for all removed the possibility to target yourself with a missile
FIX Corrected problem with carrying capacity based on character type
FIX Door and trap gfx added

2005-03-19 v.0.7.2
FIX Removed weird enchantments on some items like Deadly Gold Coins and so on
NEW The player will regain HP and MP when reaching a previously unvisited
NEW Player name for each character type

2005-03-08 v.0.7.1
FIX Corrected newly introduced bug when picking up identical items
FIX Solved problem when deleting finished game upon application exit
FIX Entire screen is cleared. No more white stripes at the edges.
FIX Corrected graphical glitches in the new rendering system
FIX Corrected problem when targeting using magic items
FIX No message was sometimes given if unable to target creature
NEW Added Book of Charms and the possibility to charm monsters
NEW Added extra colouring in inventory

2005-03-01 v.0.7.0
NEW Added some beautiful graphics kindly contributed by Petr "JuPiTeR" Visek.
Thanks Petr!

2005-01-07 v.0.6.36
NEW The player will be notified if a save game exists when the game is started

2005-01-04 v.0.6.35
CHANGE Player will always start on up/down stairs if going down/up

2005-01-02 v.0.6.34
CHANGE You can no longer gain more than one level at a time
FIX Poison didn't properly reduce attack and defence of victim

2005-01-01 v.0.6.33
CHANGE Key 1/3 and 7/9 now actually move an entire page up or down in the
CHANGE "You go deeper into the dungeon" -> "You go down to depth x"
CHANGE Prevented use of offensive spells on yourself
CHANGE Scrolls do not require any MP and are easier to use than books and
FIX Solved monster item drops that replaced item already on the ground
FIX Speed items didn't stack properly
NEW Added more "flavour" texts to items, based on their enchantments

2004-12-30 v.0.6.32
CHANGE Game menu remembers it's last state (less scrolling)
CHANGE Increased chance of MP recovery
NEW Added individual carrying capacity for the different character classes
NEW Added "Carrying x/y" to Character screen to show inventory weight and
carrying capacity

2004-12-29 v.0.6.31
CHANGE Made level ups a bit more frequent on higher levels
CHANGE Changed from "You reached depth x" to "Depth x" to fit smaller displays
CHANGE Targets standing in a cell that blocks LOS can still be targeted
CHANGE Level up/death screen shown AFTER actual game messages instead of before
FIX Corrected some weight problems (bows and books weighed 0)
NEW Pressing # while in "examine" mode will take you to the inventory
NEW Pressing # while in "item menu" mode will take you back to the inventory

2004-12-27 v.0.6.30
NEW Load option on the game menu isn't shown if there is no save game

2004-12-26 v.0.6.29
FIX Sometimes nothing was summoned on summon traps
FIX Solved item drops that replaced item already on the ground

2004-12-25 v.0.6.28
CHANGE Prevented monster drops on top of stairs and in doorways
NEW Added option to disarm traps when in look mode
NEW Added option to close door when in look mode

2004-12-22 v.0.6.27
FIX Removed some graphical glitches

2004-12-20 v.0.6.26
CHANGE The auto target changes back to the player if target is dead
FIX No longer showing "You see the player..." when targeting yourself

2004-12-19 v.0.6.25
NEW Added "You see xxx" message in targeting mode for both monsters and items

2004-12-17 v.0.6.24
FIX No more level up screen if dying and getting a level up in the same round.
FIX Arrows should never replace current item on ground (for real this time :-)
CHANGE Made potions regain a fixed amount of HP/MP

2004-12-10 v.0.6.23
NEW Inventory remembers last selected position -> less scrolling
NEW Targeting interface remembers last target
NEW Added two new room types
FIX Strange LOS glitches fixed
CHANGE Made some minor change to the dungeon generation code
CHANGE Modified item rarity of items drops from killed monsters

2004-12-09 v.0.6.22
FIX Removed problem with items and monsters in walls on the surface level
CHANGE Toned down xp received from perfect hits
CHANGE Stat increase will occur less often once on higher player levels

2004-12-08 v.0.6.21
FIX Corrected the ClassCastException bug when loading a game
NEW A first version of magically enchanted/cursed items

2004-12-07 v.0.6.20
CHANGE No need to show "miss" if "fumble"
CHANGE Always center on player even when screen extent goes outside map
boundary -> fewer messages that cover game area

2004-12-02 v.0.6.19
FIX Corrected typo 'fail' -> 'fails'
FIX Weapon enchantment effects no longer shown if the target died by the normal
attack damage

2004-12-01 v.0.6.18
FIX Dropping same kind of item on occupied cell modifed amount incorrectly
NEW Small chance that weapons and ammo can be enchanted
NEW Differentiated interval between different stat increases on level up based
on player class

2004-11-26 v.0.6.17
NEW Player starts with weapons and armour equiped

2004-11-26 v.0.6.16
FIX You can no longer target a monster outside your FOV but within a clear line
of fire
FIX Savegame is deleted when dying
FIX Never repeat "You're standing on" and similar messages
FIX Arrows from enemy fire never replace existing item on the ground
CHANGE Stairs down are no longer generated on level 10
CHANGE Modifications to the combat code

2004-11-24 v.0.6.15
FIX Savegame is deleted when dying
CHANGE Toned down damage from perfect hits

2004-11-24 v.0.6.14
FIX Corrected a serious bug in the item and monster generation code that with
high certainty crashed the game when going down to level 6 or below.
FIX Corrected some combat messages
CHANGE Downleft and downright in menu skips the four subsequent items in the
list and upleft and upright skips the 4 preceding items
CHANGE Temporarily went back to the old  prompt
NEW Menu coloring which makes the selected item stand out a bit more
CHANGE Added penalty for firing bow at adjacent targets

2004-11-22 v.0.6.13
CHANGE Reworked part of the attack and damage code

2004-11-21 v.0.6.12
CHANGE Increased rarity of mushrooms in the forest
CHANGE Decreased effect of mushrooms
CHANGE Renamed "Watery potion" to "Weak potion" and "Thick potion" to "Strong
CHANGE Loading a saved game no longer deletes it (although dying does).
NEW Perfect hits does extra damage and gives xp
NEW Up when on first item in a menu takes you to the last and vice versa
FIX Removed possibility for player (and AI) to select a target if a monster is
in the way

2004-11-19 v.0.6.11
NEW Downleft and downright in the menues selects the last item in the list
and upleft and upright selects the first item in the list
NEW Perfect hits in melee and ranged combat
NEW Unable to drop something in an occupied cell
NEW Distance to target now effects chance of hitting with a bow
NEW Hp and xp modifications are now shown for ranged attacks
NEW Added potions of recharging
NEW Wizard now starts with a potion of recharging and a scroll of teleport
NEW Added some new books
FIX Unmodified attack stat effects chance of hitting with a bow instead of
modified attack stat
FIX Corrected incorrect text when fire spells backfire
FIX Entire stat line at the bottom of the screen is refreshed when updated
FIX Removed problem with targeting a monster in a cell that blocks LOS

2004-11-11 v.0.6.10
CHANGE Goblin archers are less powerful in hand to hand combat

2004-11-10 v.0.6.9
NEW Added mushrooms of healing that can be found in the forest
NEW Added healing potions of varying strength

2004-11-05 v.0.6.8
NEW Experience required for next level shown in character screen
NEW Wizard starts with a Book of Fire
FIX Incorrect message was displayed for missed damage effects

2004-11-02 v.0.6.7
BUG Load crashed if a savegame didn't exist

2004-11-02 v.0.6.6
BUG 0.6.5 wouldn't start at all...
FIX Removed the "You died!" and "You die!" combo

2004-11-01 v.0.6.5
FIX Recovery of MP was accidentally removed when removing automatic HP
NEW Current experience shown in Character screen
NEW Nokia version with full canvas

2004-10-24 v.0.6.4
NEW Added Goblin archers
BUG Removed increase in HP when wielding many items

2004-10-18 v.0.6.3
NEW Monsters will sometimes move around blocking obstacles to reach the
NEW Added a message when drinking a potion
BUG Monsters are no longer generated in walls on first level
FIX Player can no longer fire arrows on himself

2004-10-17 v.0.6.2
FIX Increased agressivity of monsters
FIX Reduced heap memory footprint
NEW Damage dealt to monster shown
NEW Experience gained by killing monster shown
NEW Failed use of wands now told to the player
NEW Added messages when a target resist an effect

2004-09-26 v.0.6.1
BUG Quest message wasn't shown when starting a new game

2004-09-24 v.0.6
NEW Player starts in the wilderness above the dungeon
NEW Simple quest. Kill the Goblin King!
CHANGE Change back to no automatic recovery of HP to make the game more

2004-09-20 v.0.5.920
NEW Message when changing to Target/Look mode and out of ammo
FIX Reduced heap space use even more. Should probably result in a speed
incease as well

2004-09-12 v.0.5.912
FIX Reduced memory footprint due to heap space issues on some Nokia phones.
FIX Corrected potential problem in the load/save code
NEW Improved creature generation
NEW Player class is shown on the Character menu

2004-09-10 v.0.5.910
BUG Opening a door gave the message "Your standing in a doorway" even though
the player didn't move there

2004-09-05 v.0.5.905
FIX Increased damage from arrows
BUG Removed a bug that made it possible to shoot through walls
NEW Added a New Game option on the Game Menu with a simple character selection
screen (Warrior, Wizard or Ranger)
NEW Magic can backfire
NEW Added some new items

2004-09-04 v.0.5.904
BUG Corrected bug in cloning of items/monsters
BUG Load/Save bug fixed
FIX Code cleanups and improvements
FIX Changed the AI code to work better with attack spells

2004-08-29 v.0.5.829
BUG Corrected bug in attack spells (some creatures that shouldn't have fire
attacks had)
BUG Corrected bug in inventory when dropping the last item in the last

2004-08-28 v.0.5.828
BUG Corrected bug in inventory stacking
NEW More items and creatures

2004-08-17 v.0.5.825
NEW Item and creature definitions moved to a preprocessed XML file (note: not
all items and creatures redefined in XML yet)
FIX Improved execution speed by optimizing item and creature datastructures
NEW Minor gui improvements in inventory

2004-08-17 v.0.5.817
BUG Corrected NullPointerException bug

2004-08-03 v.0.5.807
FIX Changed so that poison affects only current attack and defence, not max.
FIX Removed the silly "The Player gestures" message if using magic on yourself

2004-08-03 v.0.5.803
FIX Player is spawned on stairs down on first level and on stairs up on any
other level
FIX Items and creatures are only generated on empty cells to prevent covering
NEW Current/maximum stats for Attack, Defense, Magic and Speed.
NEW Character info screen shows unmodified and modified stats

2004-06-20 v.0.5.623
BUG Fixed a bug when dropping one item out of a stack of items

2004-06-20 v.0.5.622
BUG Corrected a bug when removing the last item in the inventory
FIX Removed the auto save when going up/down stairs
NEW Added autosave when the application is paused (incoming call, SMS etc)
NEW Player is spawned on stairs down to assure that the player can leave the

2004-06-20 v.0.5.621
NEW Added HP and MP on the gain level screen

2004-06-20 v.0.5.620
BUG Removed a bug that made the message history always blank
FIX Shortened the "You reached dungeon depth..." text. It was too long to fit
on some screens.
FIX Improved the game loop. Overall game speed is increased.
FIX Monsters are removed immediately when they die, instead of at the end of
game loop

2004-06-16 v.0.5.616
FIX Made a few low level improvements to increase speed and reduce code size
FIX Improved text output when targeting self with a spell

2004-06-13 v.0.5.613
NEW Ranged weapons and ammo
NEW Added gain level screen
NEW Variable number of message lines based on screen height
NEW Added weapons of fire, crushing, poison and draining
BUG Corrected a bug when switching views
BUG Corrected a bug when using wands
FIX Corrected error in the look/target code

2004-06-12 v.0.4.612
NEW Added scrolls of draining
NEW Wounded/weak monsters will try to flee from the player
FIX Minor fix in the gain experience code that might cause trouble

2004-06-11 v.0.4.611
NEW Added weapons of draining

2004-06-06 v.0.4.608
NEW Added wands with a limited number of charges
NEW Added scrolls of recharging. Works on items on the ground and on creatures.

2004-06-06 v.0.4.606
NEW Spiders can poison and permanently weaken their targets
NEW Added new monster Fire spirit
NEW Added scrolls of healing, teleport and slow monster
FIX Secret doors weren't flagged as hidden.
FIX Search now actually works. Hidden traps and doors can now be found. 

2004-06-04 v.0.4.604
NEW Moving to a "special" cell (door, stairs etc) will be shown as a message.

2004-06-02 v.0.4.602
BUG Fixed crash when pressing 5 in Look mode (works in Target mode)

2004-05-31 v.0.4.531
FIX Corrected a typo (equiped=equipped)
FIX Compressed multiple "You die!" messages into a single one.
FIX Toned down the amount of damage made to prevent freak one hit kills.
FIX Tweaked the display routines
NEW Look/Target mode, numeric key 0 to activate/deactivate
NEW Simple magic, Scroll of Fire, Use from inventory and select a target
NEW If standing on an item a brief description will be shown.

2004-05-27 v.0.3.527
BUG Fixed a bug when exiting the game

2004-05-18 v.0.3.518
NEW Summon Trap
NEW Teleport Trap
NEW Autosave when changing dungeonlevel
FIX Character screen displayed MP incorrectly
NEW Resting (and moving) has a chance to regain MP
FIX Level up increases both current and max HP/MP, not just max HP/MP
NEW Version info in Game Menu
NEW Bash down jammed doors and lockpick locked doors

2004-05-18 v.0.3.517
FIX Modified level 2 exp threshhold
NEW If player moves to a cell with an item it's name is shown as a message
NEW Added a small chance (higher when standing still) of HP recovery each turn
FIX Made dark grey entities like Spiders a bit lighter
NEW Inventory and game menu can be left using # and *
NEW Added game over screen
NEW Listsize indicator for inventory

2004-05-15 v.0.3.515
BUG Fixed unequip bug when dropping one item from a stack
NEW Added experience levels and stat gain
NEW Added dungeonlevel counter on Character screen
NEW Added simple encumbrance (no speed reduction but limited, non fixed,
    inventory size)
NEW Added secret doors and traps
NEW Added search option used when standing still and when moving (less chance)
NEW Listsize indicator for game menu
NEW New dungeoncreation algorithm

Changes in previous versions
NEW Added scrolling to the character info screen

BUG Corrected serious bug in the scheduler when changing level
BUG Corrected bug in menues

NEW Added a Game Menu accessible from the * key
NEW Added a Character command to the Game Menu that shows HitPoint,
MagicPoints, Attack, Defense, Magic and Speed attributes
NEW Added an Exit command to the Game Menu
NEW Added a Message History available from the Game Menu (*)
FIX Shortened the player stats line on the map to '@ HP MP Att/Def/Mag/Spd

FIX Shortened the inventory stat line
FIX Corrected the error with healing potions increasing the maximum hp (Note
that healing potions won't stack because of the way the code handles items
with random attributes/modifiers)
FIX Fixed the "You hit the player" message that occured whenever you attacked

FIX Limited the number of lines displyed to 2+ and grouped identical
messages. This can give a bit odd results like if two rats attack and
damage you will result in a single "The Rat hits you", but it's better than
too many messages.

BUG Corrected an error in the Save command.
NEW Added a Remove command in the inventory to remove an equiped item.

NEW Added a speed stat and a new scheduler to handle the varying speed of
NEW Inventory actions (drop, use) take time to perform
NEW Added commands 'Drop One' and 'Drop All' in inventory
NEW Added more items and some new creatures
NEW Monsters get thougher the deeper you go
NEW Experimental final "boss"
BUG Fixed bug in FOV
BUG Fixed bug in inventory
FIX Lots of small code improvements