Emerald Woods

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Emerald Woods
Stable game
Developer Slash
Theme Farming, Exploration, Survival
Influences Unreal World, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Minecraft
Released March 8, 2020 (7DRL)
Updated January 1, 2024 (0.4.2)
Licensing Closed source
P. Language JavaScript, TypeScript
Platforms Windows, Browser
Interface Tiles, Keyboard
Game Length 5-8 hours
Official site of Emerald Woods

Winter at the Emerald Woods
Winter at the Emerald Woods
A farm at the Emerald Woods
A farm at the Emerald Woods
Swimming in a river
Swimming in a river
Fishing on a lake
Fishing on a lake (old ASCII version)

Emerald Woods is a turn-based sandbox survival roguelike that allows players to experience escaping modern life to live alone in a mysterious land of forests, lakes, and caverns, inhabited only by strange animals.

Abandoned buildings where uncanny experiments took place decades ago are scattered all around, and the player can discover what happened there by examining documents and other surviving evidence. A company called Genco used to have its headquarters in the area, what happened to them? there will be a new answer to the question every time a new game is started.

In this place, miles away from any other human being, players are free to farm, hunt, build, craft, and scavenge while trying to survive. As in traditional roguelikes, death is permanent, but the game features procedural generation to provide new experiences of wonder every time.

The game features a system that dynamically changes how aggressive the game is according to what style of play the player has, based on their in-game actions. This means that the personality of the player will affect how the game plays out.

It will be up to the player to decide what they want to do in each gameplay session: will they focus on crafting a fantasy castle in the middle of the woods? or maybe roam the land looking for the ingredients to bake a carrot cake? maybe gearing up to explore deep watery caverns, attempting to document all the local fauna or vegetation, or daring to explore the abandoned Genco facilities to discover the full story?


  • No combat
  • Farming: Prepare the ground and plant seeds in order to grow food.
  • Collect Animals: Explore the land finding out how to capture the native fauna of the woods.
  • Building: Gather wood and stone, and build shelters or a big cabin.
  • Crafting: Create tools and furniture.
  • Fishing: Build a raft and patiently get some fish.
  • Cooking: Create delicious and nutritive dishes with local ingredients.
  • Painting: Craft paint using berries and make the world your canvas.
  • Exploration: Explore woods, caverns, and lakes to find abandoned buildings full of secrets.


  • Lead Designer and Developer: Santiago Zapata (Slashie).
  • Narrative and Design Contributions: Esteban Martinez
  • Audio: QuietGecko
  • Pixel Art Concepts: Mapedorr

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