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Evets - The Ultimate Adventure
Stable game
Developer Steven Ackerman
Theme ?
Influences ?
Released 1987 (?)
Updated 04nov1988 (v2.03)
Licensing Shareware
P. Language ?
Platforms ?
Interface Keyboard
Game Length ?
Official site of Evets - The Ultimate Adventure

Evets - The Ultimate Adventure, is a presumptuously-named roguelike game that in many respects looks like others in the genre, but it manages to do things quite differently than you might think if you're expecting it to play just like Rogue or Nethack. You still have ASCII graphics and randomly generated dungeons. But here you assemble a party of up to four characters of your creation/choosing, each having a class (fighter, mage, thief, or priest) and stats that you also choose. Also fights are handled in a text-based RPG interface more commonly seen in traditional RPGs (where you are given a menu of options for each character such as fight, spell, item, etc). An interesting game with perhaps an overly elaborate party system yet gameplay that seems less robust and more simplistic overall once you get past the four-character party. (See the EVETS.MAN file for instructions.)



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