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Alpha Project
Developer Jolly Roger, larrex (Vadim Stovbunsky)
Theme Dark fantasy, Steampunk
Influences Elona, Arcanum
Released 20.05.14
Updated 22.04.16
Licensing Closed Source, Freeware
P. Language Delphi
Platforms Windows
Interface tiles
Game Length sandbox
Official site of Fallen


Ex Fall From Heaven the Roguelike (FFHtR).

Fallen is a sandbox roguelike game that combines standard dungeon crawl and strategic development of your own organization.

You start as wannabe Great Hero, leader and the only member of your own faction. You would lead it to True Glory or fail as nameless cannon fodder during some dare adventures.

With an eye to achieve this you are completely free in your action. Explore dungeons and caves, hunt wildlife, trade and live in towns and hamlets. Fight villains or collaborate with them, it is up to you. And so on.


First version of Fallen, know as Fall From Heaven the Roguelike was released 2010 Jun 15 and last build (0.1.204) had seen the world 2013 Jul 05. Development of FFHtR was canceled due to incredible faults in architecture. It made FFHtR nearly impossible to support and continue development. Because of this, FFHtR was forfeit and new project was started Fallen. It got got all good algorithms and small portion of working code from FFHtR.