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Theme Garden fun
Influences my two unfinished roguelikes, my sister
Released 2010
Updated 2010
Licensing not yet chosen, somthing like beerware or GPL
P. Language Python
Interface ASCII
Game Length Hopefully infite, if saving will be imlemented. Else 5-20min
Official site of GartenRL


GartenRL is an attempt on the 7dRL challenge 2010. It shall be a fun game for my sister to play. She is 7 years old by now, and I'm rebuilding our garden as a Roguelike. I chose curses for the output and iso-8859-15 encodig (Western European). I hope to have time to make an english version as well, but i have to decide on that when i have more features working, as time is pressing. Yep, i play my first challenge with the (voluntary ;-) conduct of keeping up social relations while time is running.

You can get the development versions as well as the final one (when times up, saturday, 14:10 MET) at my site: [1]

Movement works only straight (not diagonally) and with arrow- and hjkl-keys, further key definitions can be looked up in

Post Challenge Comments

Yay, the challenge is over. I didn't sleep for the last two nights of it, and need some recreation now. Then I'll add some more documentation on the homepage. Thanks to all people who somehow participate in this challenge, the coders, the players, the likers, the haters, the commenters and the whole internet, that supplies me with an infinite number of offline-text-games!

I updated my page with some reflections on the development of GartenRL. Seems like I was a little pessimistic, since when I looked now, I found the game listed as a success :-]. I myself wouldn't have dared to put my name there, but that's surely a nice move! Still I'm gonna do the one last version, as advertised on my page. I bet my sister wouldn't accept a "No" anyway, plus I want that game to rock the hoard (? kindergarden for schoolkids), where I set up a linux box for the kids to play.