Goblin Men

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Goblin Men
Alpha Project
Developer Jakob Virgil
Theme Goblins and Fruit
Influences Omega, Adom, Larn, Dwarf Fortress, Christina Rossetti
Released in drips and drabs
Updated 9/4/2013
Licensing [free distribution of binaries]
P. Language Java
Platforms Any
Interface keyboard
Game Length about 3.01277111 × 10^20 millenia
Official site of Goblin Men


Goblin Men was authored by Jakob Virgil in the late summer of 2013 to combat his depression. It is based on the poem The Goblin market by Christina Rossetti and uses Chinese characters or hanzi to depict the landscape and monsters.

The major benefit of the use of Chinese logograms is that they are square solving the aspect ratio issues endemic to text based rogue-likes.

it upholds the rogue-like traditions of perma-death, large random world (2^97 levels) and being Character based (in this case unicode rather than ascii).

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