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Gone Rogue
Beta Project
Developer Ape Apps
Theme Fantasy
Influences Diablo, Pixel Dungeon
Released 2015 Dec 16
Updated 2022 Aug 22 (3.0.0)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Android,iOS,Windows,Linux,Mac,Browser
Interface Graphical tiles,Keyboard,Mouse,Touch,Gamepad
Game Length Medium (and growing)
Official site of Gone Rogue



Gone Rogue is a fresh take on the classic roguelike genre that is currently under active development by Ape Apps. Featuring turn based gameplay with elements inspired by Pixel Dungeon and the original Diablo game, Gone Rogue features unique hand drawn graphics, procedurally generated worlds and items, and can theoretically feature near endless levels of play. The game is currently on a monthly update and release schedule with many new features and content planned. Gone Rogue was developed using HTML5/Javascript and is currently available for free on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and through the web browser as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Current Concepts

Procedural Generation

All levels are generated at run time, so that no two playthroughs are identical. There are pre-defined rules for some room types and floors (to create boss levels for instance), but nothing is hard coded. Items and weapons are also created in a similar manner. Using a system of item prefix and suffix definitions similar to Diablo, there are literally thousands of possible item combinations for the player to find. All items and enemies are placed at random.

Procedurally generated items

Item Socketing and Upgrades

The player may discover items that contain sockets, allowing the insertion of special gems that can permanently boost the stats to the item or player.

Death Drop

Similar to Diablo, when a player dies, his body and entire inventory are spilled onto the ground, including his gold coins. The player returns all the way to the beginning of the game, and may find his body again and recover some of his old loot.

Boss Fights

Some floors in the game feature super-enemies, or bosses that the player will have to fight. Boss characters have an insane amount of health and the player will probably be required to drink several potions during the course of the battle in order to survive.

Fighting against 'The Baker'


Added in v0.6.0 - Right now the player can find gold coins in Gone Rogue but has no way to spend them. That will change with the upcoming capability of the game to generate town levels. Town levels will also be procedurally generated based on rules, so there will be no pre-defined town level. That said, all town levels will have specific merchant and NPC classes available, which will be generated at runtime based on a predefined set of rules.


Added in v0.15.0 - With the addition of town comes the addition of NPC's. And with the addition of NPC's will come the addition of quests. Like most everything else in the game, quests will be procedurally generated, so that no two play throughs will contain the same quests. The questing system will be similar to the type found in World of Warcraft, featuring farming quests, delivery quests, and 'go kill something' quests. Completing quests will result in the player gaining some combination of experience, gold, and items.

Accepting a quest

Town Portals

Added in v0.7.0 - Since the dungeon in Gone Rogue can theoretically become infinitely deep, there needs to be a quick way to return to a town for supplies. Similar to Diablo, there will be town portals that the player can find so that they can create a quick way to get back to safety. Portals will persist forever, and any number of portals can be generated. Each town will be created with a designated "portal area" where town portals will be spawned once created by the player.


Added in v0.3 - Players will eventually be able to hire NPC's to fight along their side. There will also be the possibility for characters to spawn creatures to fight along their side, similar to the necromancer from Diablo.

Home Location

Added in v0.3 - Gone Rogue v0.2 introduced the concept of beds, but right now they do not do anything except recharge the player's health. In future releases, when a player finds a bed, they will be given the choice to make that bed their "home," so that when they die, they re-spawn in the bedroom that they set as home, as opposed to at the beginning of the game.

Future Concepts

Being a game that is currently in beta under active development, many of the planned features in Gone Rogue have yet to be implemented. Below is a non-exhaustive list of things that are to come.

Magic Spells

Currently, the player can find mana potions, but there is no way to actually use the mana yet. In the future there will be ranged-attack magic spells that the player can use their mana on.


The game currently contains various food items that the player can find, but besides giving relatively minor boosts to health and mana, the food items really don't do anything. At some point though, players will be able to find stoves or fire places within the game and use them to combine raw food items into more complicated ones, which will either become more valuable or offer the player different abilities.

Auction House

Given the item prefix/suffix/and socketing system in the game, there are literally thousands of possible items that can be generated by either the system or the player. Since no one item is guaranteed to appear in somebody's game, there will be an interconnected online auction house spanning across all players of Gone Rogue. Players will be able to make money by crafting and selling items and foods, or help themselves in their quest by purchasing items from other players.

More Level Types

Currently Gone Rogue can only generate basic dungeon type maps. Aside for the already mentioned town-type level that is in the works, Gone Rogue will also support the generation of cave like levels and outdoor/forest like levels.

Release History

v0.1 (12/16/2015)

  • Initial Release

v0.2 (1/3/2016)

  • Random item spawns can now be enchanted
  • Added 7 new base items
  • Added floor objects, both decorative and special types:
    • Fountain of Health
    • Bed
  • Added custom room type capabilities with several initial types
    • Bedroom
    • Kitchen
    • Statue Hall
    • Big column room
    • The Baker's Kitchen
  • Enemies can now spawn with a randomly picked weapon from an array of choices
  • Added an in-game mini-map
  • Increased the chance of enemies (and player) dropping their inventory on death

v0.3 (1/22/2016)

  • Added basic keyboard and gamepad controller support (tested on Xbox 360 gamepad)
  • Coins are now collected automatically just by walking over them
  • Increased the radius of inventory death-dumps, as well as the odds that an item will drop
  • Enemies will now pick up dropped gear and use it for themselves
  • There will now be randomly generated named bosses that can appear on any level
  • Added NPC characters
    • NPC's can be either Merchants or Mercenaries that can join your party
  • The first area has been renamed from Dungeon to Castle
  • Added a new area (now called the Dungeon) with all new graphics/items/enemies
  • Tweaked the size and layout of the rooms created by the dungeon generator
  • Sleeping now doubles the rate of health regen
  • Sleeping in a bed now allows the player to set the bed as their "home" where they can respawn on death
  • Added support for "shaman" type enemies that can spawn other enemies
  • Added scaled up graphics on large displays (big monitors or TV's)
  • Various bug fixes, engine improvements, and layout upgrades

v0.4 (3/30/2016)

  • Bug fixes and UI upgrades
  • Added the start of a (very basic and thus far empty) town generation system
  • Added new 'Cellar' area under the Dungeon with new items/enemies/bosses/etc
  • Increased the radius of which players can drop items from their inventory

v0.5 (5/22/2016)

  • Engine updates and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes related to unreachable rooms
  • Expanded gamepad support
  • Replaced the Mini Map with a playable Bird's Eye View
  • Now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop

v0.6.0 (6/28/2016)

  • Expanded gamepad support
  • Added more to the Town area
  • Various technical improvements and bug fixes
  • Added in-game Command Console

v0.7.0 (8/13/2016)

  • Added new zone, "The Crypts"
  • Added Portal capabilities
  • Items can now cost mana to use
  • NPC merchants now regenerate money and gain new items over time
  • Added dynamic shadow casting lighting
  • NPCs and Enemies now continue to update on floors that the player is not active on
  • Enemies can now randomly traverse the map
  • Health potions will now be automatically consumed when walked over if player health is less than 15%
  • Zones can now have background music
  • Player will now automatically eat a potion from their belt (if available) to avoid death in combat
  • Added Realtime and Nightmare game modes
  • Added high scores and achievements for Nightmare mode

v0.8.0 (9/27/2016)

  • Bug fixes

v0.9.0 (10/19/2016)

  • Bug fixes

v0.10.0 (1/24/2017)

  • Bug fixes

v0.11.0 (5/12/2017)

  • When beginning a floor, enemies that are next to the player will be moved to a random spot on the map
  • Increased the rate at which enemies on other floors update

v0.12.0 (10/9/2017)

  • Bug fixes

v0.13.0 (2/24/2018)

  • Bosses will no longer spawn on Floor 1

v0.14.0 (5/20/2018)

  • Enchanted items can now modify player view distance
  • Added new enchantment types
  • Added several NPC's to town
  • Equipped armor can now show up on players' body (if there is a graphic for it)

v0.15.0 (8/28/2018)

  • Implemented new questing system
  • New enemies can now spawn on previously cleared floors
  • Raised the initial base player stats
  • Fog clear/view distance of party members is now shared

v2.0.0 (11/12/2019)

  • Layout updates
  • New achievements added

v2.1.0 (2/13/2020)

  • Items/Gear can now show up on player
  • Added basic enemy stats to health readout bar
  • Added killing spree count when killing a ton of enemies
  • Weapons/Items can now have their own individual use sound effects

v2.2.0 (9/22/2020)

  • Minor bug fixes

v2.3.0 (12/28/2021)

  • Minor bug fixes

v3.0.0 (8/22/2022)

  • Moved to new URL at https://play.gone-rogue.com/
  • Significant layout overhauls, particularly on mobile devices
  • Improved gamepad support significantly

Download and Play Links