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Beta Project
Developer Antoine
Theme Fantasy
Updated 2008 Feb 10
Licensing Closed source
P. Language
Platforms Win 98/NT/2000/XP
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Guild

Guild is a Roguelike game where the player is given control of a group of characters (as opposed to only one). It features an option-based town (e.g. "e: go to the tavern"), and two randomly-generated and non-persistant dungeons.


Guild stands out among other roguelikes because it lets the player alternate control between one of several characters. Characters that are not under the player's control move using their own AI, and will obey the player's commands. The characters do not regenerate their health and mana in the dungeon, but heal fully when in town. This forces the player to save health, mana, and other resources for the return trip. When a character takes too much damage they fall unconscious or die, and control switches to another character. Another character can pick up and carry the body back to the surface, where after a day or so an unconscious character will be good as new. Characters gain experience upon leaving the dungeon.


  • There seems to be a bug with unconscious player healing. If the player recruits some more adventurers while a character is recovering, they are not able to choose that character, though the message (repeatedly) tells the player that they have recovered.
  • Trying to use/drop/etc when no options are available for that action (e.g. no items in inventory) crashes the game.
  • Trying to make the priest fire a ranged weapon (priests cannot weild ranged weapons?) crashes the game.
  • If a wind spirit is summoned, characters can't sneak, because the wind spirit notices them.
  • If the player uses [Y]ell and cancels, they wake teammates up without actually using up an action.
  • Fire breath slows down the game drastically every turn that the damned fire lizards are alive.

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