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Hellmouth (and Meat Arena)
Alpha Project
Developer Eronarn
Theme Exploration and character history
Influences European and Christian history and mythology, Dwarf Fortress, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Crusader Kings, GURPS.
Released Originally a 2012 7DRL
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Linux
Interface Console
Game Length
Official site of Hellmouth (and Meat Arena)


Demonic spies and scouts lurk in the secret corners of Medieval Europe, furthering the plots and schemes of Satan's generals. You are a Demonslayer, and your duty is to thwart their plans for a grand invasion of the mortal world. Whether armed with light and fire or steel and skill, you must ferret out their hiding places and drive them screaming back to Hell!

Play options


As of the most recent version, Meat Arena will only work on Linux - and maybe not even that.


Hellmouth is running on my server, though it's not guaranteed to be up to date with trunk.

user: hellmouth password: hellmouth server: eronarn.info

Development updates

I write about Hellmouth on my blog. If you're interested in the code, follow it on Github.


Meat Arena

A testing arena for Hellmouth. Find a weapon and dig in!

  • 0.2-meat: The first "real" version, released on Jun 9, 2012.
    • Stats
    • Skills
    • Equipment
    • Differentiated monsters
    • Monster AI
    • Locational damage system
    • Status effects
    • Interlevel travel
    • Random level generation
    • Information screens
    • Damage message generation
  • 0.1-meat: The 7DRL release of Meat Arena.
    • Hexagons
    • Meat arena
    • Meat enemies
    • Sometimes doesn't crash

Planned Features

  • Hex grid
  • Diverse fighting styles and weaponry
  • Locational damage and called shots
  • Active defense options (parrying, retreating, etc.)
  • Moderate historical accuracy