Heroic Age: the Roguelike

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Heroic Age: the Roguelike
Alpha Project
Developer Eldar Bogdanov
Theme Mythology
Influences Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Released January 18 2020
Updated June 18 2020
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows/Linux/Mac
Interface Keyboard
Game Length ?
Official site of Heroic Age: the Roguelike


You play as an Ancient Greek to-be hero who's trying to save his dying wife. Your travel between 6 maps generated based on real-life Greece locations is guided by quests received from various mythological parties. The opponents and obstacles are still procedurally generated, although the overall variance is admittedly lower than in a normal roguelike. The game mechanics depend on the skills you develop as you level up, and include:

  • Hacking with melee and ranged weapons, which you can purchase, take from dead opponents, or steal from strong monsters
  • Using potions to buff yourself
  • Riding beasts, which lets you conserve energy and increases evasion
  • Magic - both defensive and offensive
  • All unit types having a certain attitude towards all other unit types, including you
  • In particular, you can make friends with some units (by offering them valuable items or killing their enemies) and use their help to defeat others (by interacting with them and making them follow you)

7SIUue.png Ujl4pP.png


Version 0.5.6


The game is story- and feature-complete, but might be updated/expanded in the future.

Version 0.6.0


New version has mostly UX updates detailed in https://ostr.itch.io/heroic-age-the-roguelike/devlog/123965/version-060-released.

Version 0.7.0



Bugfixes / quality of life updates / Leaderboard (http://www.heroicage.info/). Summary in https://ostr.itch.io/heroic-age-the-roguelike/devlog/154597/version-070-leaderboard