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Alpha Project
Developer Nathan Daniels
Influences Nethack
Released Sep 03, 2000 (1.0.1)
Updated Dec 12, 2014 (2.1.43)
Licensing GPL
P. Language C++
Platforms Unix Linux Windows OSX
Interface ANSI GTKmm
Game Length
Official site of Interhack

What are you looking for? Rabbits? Or something Bigger?

Requirements: glibmm

Operating System Support:

  • Linux: fully supported
  • Windows: compiles and almost fully running (mingw) - client works
  • Mac OSX: compiles (and runs?) thanks to Jeff

22,935 lines of C++ (v2.1.41) and growing....

Interhack is a fully turn based, multiplayer roguelike game. There is no real time movement. There is no Surreal Time. There is no waiting for other players to make a move. Instead, there is a system called the Roguelike Theory of Relativity. Based on Nethack, it uses a core game engine with plugins, allowing others to develop custom plugins. This also allows each server running Interhack to have custom plugins the player does not know about.

Interhack currently supports the following plugins:

  • Interfaces: ansi (working), gtkmm (partial), curses (basic)
  • Interfaces: ansi supports ascii, IBMGraphics and utf-8, keypad input
  • Magic: magic missile, force bolt, death, healing, digging, identify, magic mapping, teleport, speed, confusion, wishing, blindness, gain experience, amnesia, other sight, turn undead, lock/unlock, hunger, slow digestion, create monster
  • Objects: gold, potions, scrolls, spellbooks, wands, rings, armor, weapons, amulets, boots, gloves, shirts, shields, cloaks, food, corpses, doors, eggs
  • Monsters: gridbugs, rodents, chameleons (that actually blend in), gnomes
  • MonsterAI: bot, gridbug
  • Roles: Archeologist, Barbarian, Caveperson, Healer, Knight, Priest, Ranger, Rogue, Samurai, Tourist, Valkyrie, Wizard
  • Races: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Human, Orc
  • Levels: normal, cavern, maze, template loader
  • Rooms: simple, traps

The server is now saving and loading levels as required, and can (mostly) recover after a crash. Players can also save games and can now select a role and race.

Current Games State: Alpha (at least earlier versions) but source code is withdrawn from Sourceforge for a ‘potential copyright issue’ (according to people who looked at code that is still out there, perhaps using ‘NetHack quest des files’ that could be removed and then InterHack forked without the issue.)

A paper titled RTOR: Roguelike Theory Of Relativity described some aspects of the fully turn based multiplayer. It is available on Z-Library.