Kornel Kisielewicz

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Kornel Kisielewicz
Alias Epyon (current), Anubis (former)
Projects GenRogue, Valkyrie Framework, Neko, DoomRL 2
Games DoomRL, DiabloRL, Berserk!, AliensRL, Jupiter Hell
Nationality Polish
P. Languages C++, FreePascal, Lua
Official site of Kornel Kisielewicz


A bloody machine and roguelike developer from Poland, owner of the ChaosForge.


Roguelikes in the works

  • GenRogue - over-ambitious roguelike 9 years in the making
  • DoomRL 2 - expanded sequel to DoomRL
  • a few unnamed projects

Canceled roguelikes

  • Carceri - simple editable roguelike (canceled)

Current work

Currently working on Neko, DoomRL tiles version, ressurection of AliensRL and continuation of DiabloRL. Afterwards will be working on unnanounced projects on the Neko engine. At the same time he is working on a non-roguelike game and the first stage of GenRogue codenamed Wraith.


Compiled RGRD articles


You can e-mail him at "admin at chaosforge dot org".



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