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Developer Tectorum
Theme Pseudo-Historical
Influences Rouge, A DAY @ THE ZOO
Released Mar 16, 2014
Updated Mar 25, 2014
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C
Platforms Mac OS X, Windows
Interface SDL
Game Length Short
Official site of Kunoichi

Kunoichi is a coffeebreak roguelike

A successful 2014 7DRL entry featuring stealth, enclosure-based player death, kanji for display, and three endings.


  • Move using arrow keys, numeric keypad, WASD, or VI keys.
  • Make noise by bumping into walls.
  • Hold shift and press a direction to throw your kunai or to gouge an eye hole if adjacent to a closed door or wall.
  • Toggle music muting with F1.
  • Toggle sound effects muting with F2.
  • You are captured when surrounded by at least one enemy and two walls or enemies.

title.png kunoichi.png

Version 1.03

OS X Windows (may need the Visual Studio 2013 runtime libraries)

Fixed a bug where objects could jitter. Thrown kunai now generate noise when hitting a wall or closed door and play a sfx. Samurai are now vulnerable to swords, not kunai. AI now provides better feedback when they've spotted the player, perform some information exchange, and behave better when avoiding bodies. Spotted and lost sfx should no longer overlap when the AI loses and then respots players. Fixed a major bug that corrupted memory when propagating sounds. Version now displayed in title. Fixed OS X 'About' menu.

Version 1.02

Added icons. Stairs no longer generate next to walls or doors. Opponents no longer generate in the same room as the player. Decreased the floor samurai begin spawning.

Version 1.01

Fixed thrown kunai from stopping in bodies. Bodies no longer show a 'seen' indicator when overlapping an alive enemies FOV. Apparently fixed bug where game froze on occasion when playing audio. Initial Windows release.

Version 7DRL