Legends of Yore

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Legends of Yore
Alpha Project
Developer Kevin Glass
Theme Fantasy
Influences Angband, NetHack
Released April 21st, 2011
Updated June 2nd, 2011
Licensing Shareware
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, Applet, Mac OS X
Interface mouse, touchscreen, keyboard
Game Length ~ 120 hours of game play at this stage
Official site of Legends of Yore

Legends of Yore is a fantasy rogue like currently in development by Kevin Glass. The focus is making a casual game where you can get the maximum adventuring done in the shortest space of time (bus trip, boring meeting, etc). The game is optimized for mobile play but continues to support and web and desktop play.

The game has 31,000 tiles of overland map to explore including 10+ unique towns, 15+ dungeons. There are 100s of objects, NPCs, monsters and 30+ quests to complete.


  • Mobile/Web/Desktop Play
  • Overland and Dungeon Exploration
  • Online saves to share games between platforms
  • Optimized for touchscreen
  • Beautiful Lowfi Graphics
  • 3 base classes, 6 additional advanced classes
  • Crafting
  • Shops and trade
  • Treasure maps to follow
  • 30+ Quests to complete
  • 8 Golden Rare creatures to find!