Light Along That Coffee!

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Light Along That Coffee!
Alpha Project
Developer User:Nigelkerr
Theme historical fiction spin-off
Released 2009
Updated 28 Dec 2009 (0.1)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language ActionScript3
Platforms SWF
Interface Keyboard & mouse
Game Length shortish
[ Official site of Light Along That Coffee!]


LATC is a story based on characters and situations created by Patrick O'Brian in his Aubrey-Maturin novels. Preserved Killick, Captain Aubrey's steward, is late with the coffee, mostly because he cannot find the beans, the grinder, nor yet even the pot. The morning is wearing on, and the captain is growing impatient.


Features of 0.1:

  • Killick (the small k) can wander about the ship and decks with rogue-like keys, and / for up and \ for down.
  • Killick can collide with a number of ship features.
  • Two other ship-mates are present, Aubrey and Maturin, though they don't do anything.
  • All six "Decks" are present, though rendering for the tops and crosstrees isn't so good. Crosstrees might need to be smaller.

To come:

  • Ship-mates of all sorts, and their behaviors
  • The Ship's Monkey, the chief criminal in making off with the beans, grinder, and pot
  • Count-down to Aubrey absolutely requiring coffee (and the game ending!), from four bells in the morning watch to six!