Magic Fountain

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Magic Fountain
Developer corremn
Theme Dungeon hack
Influences Gorillaz, Art vs Science
Released 2013 Mar 17
Updated 2013 Apr 8 v04
Licensing Freeware
P. Language c++
Platforms Windows, source available
Interface Emulated ascii, graphical tiles
Game Length 30 minutes
Official site of Magic Fountain

Magic Fountain is a coffeebreak roguelike

About Magic Fountain 7DRL

A Roguelike for the 2013 7DRL challenge

Magic Fountain is a roguelike adventure game. Its up to you to figure out the end goal, ok its very obvious, but still it could be fun trying. Each time you fail the game is slightly easier.


  • Explosions and chainsaws.
  • Grouped enemies and allies to rescue and boss around.
  • 4 Different island types with unique enemies. + 2 different sub-terrain level types.
  • Critical weapon effects.
  • Bonus weapon fatalities. (With every ones favourite the stomach rupture!)
  • + hidden game ending bugs for you to discover.


Please give me feedback on all bugs/ideas/improvements on the game. You can email me directly or use the issues tab on the homepage. Cheers and Thanks a lot.

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