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Alpha Project
Developer Risto Saarelma
Theme fantasy
Licensing BSD
P. Language Factor
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Tiles
Game Length Short
Official site of Magog

It is supposed to be simple. You come in at the wake of the host, pick through the ruin they leave, and take what valuables the dregs did not find or comprehend. Only now you're not facing a silent waste, but a crawling army of the things still here. And yet the way back is sealed until you have walked the path to the end.


  • Continuous world using portal technology, no save-scumming corner cases.
  • Hex grid gameplay.
  • Animated graphics.

Implementation details

  • The first ever roguelike game developed in the Factor programming language.
  • Uses an Entity Component System.
  • The portal system is essentially the same as the one in Jacob's Matrix, except that the portals can't change orientation.
  • Fast drawing of bitmap graphics with parameterizable color without hardware acceleration using inline x86 assembly.

Versions and platforms

Compilable on platforms supported by the Factor language and with x86 architecture. There is currently a prebuilt binary for Windows. Linux and Mac users should be able to build the game from source.

The graphics code includes a small amount of x86 assembly that will need to be rewritten if the game is being ported to a non-x86 platform, such as ARM. If the target platform can be expected to have graphical acceleration, the graphics code should probably be rewritten to use OpenGL.