Martin's Dungeon Bash

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Martin's Dungeon Bash
Stable game
Developer Martin Read
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released Feb 2, 2005 (v1.0)
Updated Jan 6, 2009 (v1.7)
Licensing BSD
P. Language C (stable)

C++ (experimental)

Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length ~30 minutes
Official site of Martin's Dungeon Bash

First version of MPRDB was based on MPR7DRL. Then it gradually evolved into current state.

Game is dungeon hack and slash much in spirit of Rogue. However, there is no victory condition. Goal is to descend as deep as possible slaying monsters and taking their posessions.

Unique feature is durability system for weapons and armor. These will gradually fall apart from use. Certain conditions may cause them to break really fast. Another interesting mechanic is PC may wear only one ring at a time.


There are two versions of the game available. Main stable release contains virtually no bugs. Experimental branch may have an occasional showstopper but is more advanced in development and has new features. Newest development version is 1.130.1 last updated 3rd July 2009.

Experimental version is slowly becoming less and less dungeon bash-ish. Concerned with this author metioned plans on sequel to MPRDB named Marin's Hell Bash.

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