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Math: The Roguelike
Developer Daniel Lower
Theme Educational, Mathematics
Released 13 Mar 2010
Updated 14 Mar 2010
Licensing Freeware
P. Language MegaZeux
Platforms MegaZeux
Interface ASCII but only in graphical mode
Game Length very short
Official site of Math: The Roguelike

This entry for 7DRL challenge explores vastly different combat system. To defeat number goblins (the only enemy type in MathRL) it is needed to combine weapon, damage function, conditional and statement to result in greatest damage output or highest health boost. Brave the cave and find Fermat's Awesome Book, where he wrote all of his actual theorems in full with proof, not just idle speculations, including a 2-page proof of his infamous last theorem.


In number caves there are weapons to be found. Each returns some value dependent on dice roll. Then result is modified by damage function. Next game checks whether equipped condition is true. It is best to use something that is usually true here. If this check is passed equipped statement is executed. Statements may modify final damage or alter math-rogue's health.

After defeating several number goblins PC gains a level and has maximum hit points increased by 25.


  • \ weapon
  • ƒ damage function
  • p conditional
  • q statement
  • N number goblin

Platforms and versions

MathRL is created in MegaZeux. That makes this game not a standalone executable. To play it you need to install dMZX. Download is available here. Version needs to be at least 2.83.

Discovered fatal bugs prompted author to release two bug fix versions. Both appeared after seven day deadline they are considered valid 7DRL nonetheless. Number goblins may still get locked up sometimes but can still be killed in that state. A Let's Play video by UberHunter confirms that at least one fatal bug is still present in code.

A sequel game, tentatively entitled MathRL2, is in development.