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oCult - Fantasy Roguelike Turn Based RPG

Visit [1] http://oCult.ca for a early release alpha demo.

alt text

oCult is primarily a solo developer project by Darcy Klyne that is in early alpha development. Built in GML upon the basic framework of Roguelock, a Gamemaker Marketplace resource provided by Jonathan Moreau. oCult features a unique style of original 24bit retro artwork that captures the most iconic creatures from the RPG classics along with a massive library of equipment and weaponry provided by 7Soul1 at Deviantart. oCult offers a system of character progression that is predicated upon use/reward.

Developer objectives:

- Require the player adapt a difficult self imposed min/max curve to accomplish top level skill achievements or weapon prerequisites for your character class.

- Establish an end game balance to provide that success or failure will be predicated upon top tier ability achievement.

- Tell a unique and fatalistic story about hidden knowledge, the destiny of mankind and forbidden ancient philosophies.