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ODE (One Day Example)
Developer DarkGod
Theme Dungeon crawl
Influences Rogue
Released 2005 Nov 10
P. Language Lua
Platforms T-Engine
Interface ASCII
Game Length <1 hour
Official site of ODE (One Day Example)


ODE is a Rogue-inspired game which features very simple gameplay. Choose a berserker or a fighter and go inside the dangerous Dungeons of ODE in search of the fabled Blood of Life, which is said to grant immortality to any who drink it. But the way is dangerous, and the treasure guarded!


The game was made in one day to show how easy it is to make a game using the T-Engine. It is also meant to be a "base" module for people to make their own game from.


You can download the game on the link given on this page or just run the T-Engine and download it from there (but it is usually included with the engine releases anyway).