Omega Rebirth

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Omega Rebirth
Major Roguelike
Developer Lyle Tafoya
Theme Fantasy
Influences Omega
Released 2023
Updated Dec 23, 2023 (0.7.0)
Licensing GPL
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux,Windows
Interface ASCII,Keyboard
Game Length 8+ hours
Official site of Omega Rebirth

Omega Rebirth is a fork of the classic roguelike "Omega" (v0.90.4), originally authored by Laurence Brothers in 1987. Omega Rebirth attempts to modernize the UI, and introduces many bug-fixes, game-balance improvements, and minor features.

Some noteworthy changes include:

  • Compiles as C++
  • Title menu with save file management
  • Map stays centered on the player
  • Removal of the infamous "up in the air" inventory system
  • Improved item stacking mechanics
  • Working torches
  • Consolidated all Player stats/info and added health/mana meters
  • Random stat rolling replaced by point-pool system
  • Handles terminal resize events
  • Removal of some unfair game mechanics (ie. Chance for chaos storm to teleport player into the sea of chaos, resulting in unavoidable instant-death)
  • Many bug fixes